About the initiative:

The speed of change of the digital technology environment, in all its dimensions, be it changes in society, implications in terms of industrial and market changes, new regulatory requirements and the vast set of interconnected changes that are related to them, requires front line top scholarship to understand their implications to different arenas and subjects. New approaches are needed also in terms of scholarship, not only in terms of accessing new data approaches and sources, but also in decoding and theorizing on the implications of those changes for research.

The objective of  this initiative is to be a convener of the conversation regarding these issues at the highest level of scholarly discussion and the inclusion of the public policy perspective, both in terms of its implications for the research arena, as for its implications on the management and guidance of those changes. We intend to be leaders of the top level discussion of the scholarship on the digital economy in Europe, including the top minds in the field from the European environment.

The IE University Research Initiative on Policy and Management in the Digital Economy is gratefully funded by a two year unrestricted gift from Meta.

For more information, please contact to: digitaleconomy@ie.edu 

The encounters would be a series of discussions centered around 4 topics:

Innovation in the new digital environment

New Ventures & Digital Economy

Platforms & the mechanics of digital access for firms and individuals.

Sustainability & economic development in the digital environment


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