Research Projects are undertaken in the different fields of study of all the IE Schools with a strong focus on international collaboration, interdisciplinary approach, academic quality and impact, and relevance to society.  Research projects at IE are regularly funded through the successful participation in competitive funding programs sponsored by national and international public and private institutions, as well as through collaboration agreements with private and public sponsors. Also, institutional research initiatives are undertaken by the Research Centers, Chairs and Observatories at the request of their promoters or as an institutional response to societal needs and public interest. In this section you can find the Research Projects developed at IE, as well the Applied Research studies undertaken through the IE Centers, Chairs and Observatories.


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Problem. What does digitalization mean for a project-based organization? How do you learn from successes and failures across many projects, when teams do not have time to engage in project post-mortems?

Data. We created a project data mesh by merging project time sheets, project control data and HR records. The data mesh enabled understanding the effect of project practices on project performance, leveraging data on over 400 projects.

Conclusions. Three practices positively affected project margins by more than 10%: subcontracting team members, project back-loading and sharing staff across projects

Benefit for the company: Learning how to reuse project control data to identifying best practices or challenging wrong practices that people keep using. 

Type: R+D CONTRACT -RESEARCH PROJECT | Sample Projects Entity: SENER




Problem: what are the economic effects of CSR investments on a company brand value? Do different CSR investment have different impacts?

Data: We apply a scenario based survey on about 1,000 respondents to see how CSR actions impact the Consumer and Employer Brand of a company. We test the effects of CSR actions that are near or far to the geographical location of the respondent and near or far the core business of a company.

Conclusions. The company economic benefits from CSR investments are higher when these actions are geographically near to the supposed targets and near the core business of the company.

Benefit for the company: We show that CSR investments have an important KPI in terms of brand value and that there are differences in terms of economic returns given the types of CSR actions.

Type: R+D CONTRACT -RESEARCH PROJECT | Sample Projects Entity: Cocacola


Ref: Real Federacion del Golf en España


Problem: What is the impact of golf on the Spanish economy? What is the economic impact of golf tourism?

Data: We used data from Mastercard that identifies foreign credit cards that has spent on Spanish golf camps and analyze previous and subsequent spendings in Spain. We passed an extensive survey of 90 questions to the companies that manage the golf camps in Spain.

Conclusions: Golf camps activity in Spain generate directly, indirectly and induced an economic impact of €12,769M and 121,293 jobs.

Benefit for the sponsors: We show the added value that golf brings to the Spanish economy as a catalyst for economic activity and employment.

Type: R+D CONTRACT -RESEARCH PROJECT | Sample Projects Entity: Real Federacion del Golf en España


Ref: Fundacion Botin


Problem: How is the Botin Center developing creativity among its visitors? To understand social creativity development on visitors, depending in the accumulation of different experiences at the Center, as well as personal and social perceived changes.

Data: We applied and extensive survey on more than 2,800 visitors in order to analyze the elements that could be related with social creativity, using various simple linear regression models: relation between social creativity and number of visits; creativity of each of the visitis by type of activity.

Conclusions: This project show how art and cultural activities developed in Botin Center are the engine for creativity and human development, understanding within this concept the improvement if the well-being of the people who visit it. This project provides useful information for the academic world and for the development of other initiatives of this type.

Benefit for the sponsors: This project allows to validate the relevance of the strategic directions of the Center.

Type: R+D CONTRACT -RESEARCH PROJECT | Sample Projects Entity: Fundacion Botín.

Blueprint on Global Legal Education


Problem: The blueprint outlines a range of key challenges and trends that law schools face in current times. It also identifies the opportunities emerging in legal education and brings up best practices and recommendations. Moreover, it provides an initial analysis of the best responses to those trends, together with expert opinion on their value and transferability across different types of law schools and jurisdictions.

Data: Ten researchers from seven regions around the world -- UK, Canada, EU, South East Asia & Australia & Hong Kong, Latin America, Asia and Africa— have analyzed relevant literature (over 200 articles), and law schools websites (420 web sites), conducted online surveys (more than 300 responses worldwide) and interviews to more than 60 law schools and bar associations around the world.

Conclusions. The findings of this report are also particularly poignant in the context of COVID-19, which has highlighted the importance of technological adoption in the sector. In particular, the identified key trends include Internationalization, technology and the development of new skills in legal education, while one of the main challenges posed for law schools are regulation of legal education and the profession, an aspect that hinders internationalization and innovation.


Los trabajadores seniors en empresas europeas

Team Members: Rafael Puyol; Iñigo Sagardoy; Gisella Alvarado; Alfonso Jiménez; Beatriz Ardid; Elena Orden; Cristina Morillo-Velarde.

Trabajadores seniors

El objetivo final de este informe es que las mepresas españolas tengan referencias sobre las que definir estrategias para la gestion de sus trabajadores sénior. Ejemplos de compañías instaladas en nuestro país, pero sobre todo casos de una muestra significativa de los estados europeos estudiados

Type: Acuerdo de Colaboración en I+D- Informe Divulgativo del Centro de Diversidad y el Observatorio de Demografía y Diversidad Generacional Entity: Observatorio demografía y diversidad generacional (Center for diversity)

Perfiles de filantropía personal en España

Team Members: Cristina Cruz, Rachida Justo

Filantropía ; impacto social

Este estudio, que se apoya en el análisis cualitativo de más de 50 horas de entrevistas con filántropos relevantes del país, expertos y gestores, permite entender mejor la figura del filántropo personal en España, sus motivaciones, su forma de actuar y de decidir, e identificar condiciones y buenas prácticas que facilitarían a los filántropos españoles maximizar su impacto social.

Type: R&D Collaboration Agreement- IE-Credit Suisse White Papers Series on Familiy Business Entity: Center for Families in business


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