Knowledge creation is at the core of IE´s mission.

Research at IE is the result of the work of a multi-cultural group of scholars actively, creatively and productively committed to excellence and scientific rigor in their Research ventures, balancing what the academic community and the society demand from Research, in order to obtaining great academic and societal impact from their results. These results also add value to the educational offer of all Schools at IE through the integration of new knowledge into their Programs. Quality and innovation in Research at IE are also fostered by the participation in strong international academic networks, in solid partnerships for scientific collaboration, and in relevant editorial, referee, advisory and similar academic services, all of which strengthen scholars’ expertise while broadening their scientific perspective.  Browsing through this site you will find out about the topics, results, quality and impact of IE scholars´ Research, and about the multiple activities and initiatives that support and showcase the creation of knowledge at IE.



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Research is  conducted in compliance with the highest ethical principles, with the provision of a fair framework and conditions for all the subjects included in the research with the aim of creating novel knowledge for the corresponding scientific community.   

Integrity of Research 

Research at IE is ruled by the IE Code of Conduct, which is applicable to all members of the IE institution, and by the IE Principles of Integrity of Research, which clarify how the values of The Code apply to the research activity developed at IE.  

Integrity of  Research  at IE  is governed by the Principles of: 

  • Responsibility  

  • Respect for Human Subjects 

  • Quality 

  • Disclosure 

  • Sustainability and Environmental  Accountability 

The IE Principles of Integrity of Research are applicable to all research activity developed at IE University and the institutions of the IE institution.   

IE Research Committee as the Institutional Review Board (IRB) 

The IE Research Committee, has been entrusted by the Board of Directors of IE University to act as Institutional Review Board (IRB), and so it acts as such, for all bodies of the IE institution. 

In its vest of IRB, the IE Research Committee is responsible to review, assess and validate compliance with Ethics, Integrity Principles, and the respect of human subjects in the design and implementation of research under the no-harm principle. The IE Research Committee approves the policies, protocols and guidelines that are applicable to the Research conducted at IE institution.  All research projects that involve human subjects, with particular care of those involving IE Students in IE courses and activities, are subject to the previous assessment and authorization by the IE Research Committee, before implementation. 

Main institutional Policies and Procedures related to the Research activity developed at IE, can be found here.

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