Understanding business resilience among underrepresented groups in Madrid. Building better business resilience
17 jul 2019

The project seeks to identify the characteristics and strategies that promote the business resilience of SMEs in general, and firms led by female and migrant entrepreneurs in particular. The research aims to develop practical tools to support all entrepreneurs in their efforts to develop more resilient businesses.


The empirical work consists of a novel survey of 988 SMEs of between 3 and 99 employees in the city of Madrid, followed by a series of in-depth interviews. The sample design is structured to provide robust information on migrant and women entrepreneurs, leaders that are typically not studied separately despite their distinct needs and contributions. Moreover, the study explores how the socio-economic conditions of the area where the firm is located affect the resilience strategies and behavior of entrepreneurs.


This research is part of an international study of five cities (London, Milan, Paris, Frankfurt, and Madrid). It allows comparing resilience strategies and challenges across different cities and groups of entrepreneurs.


The project is sponsored by JP Morgan Chase Foundation.

Principal Investigator: Aloña Martiarena

Team members: Matthias Tietz