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University-Business Knowledge Transfer

IE University is currently involved in the project to promote ‘University-Business Knowledge Transfer’ (TCUE 6). The TCUE Plan 2015-2017 has been selected under an operational program co financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), within the ERDF Operational Programme of Castilla y León 2014-2020 (see more the info at


IE University has an Office that supports entrepreneurs. If you are interested to make an appointment, please send an email to, or call to 92 141 2547

University Incubator of Business Promoters (2015 Edition)

The contest has the purpose of nourishing a group of business promoters (PEU) to help to create new technology-based companies in a university environment, with a training program that promote the emergence of new business ideas from previously identified and maturite university technology projects.

It is aimed at students and graduates, as well as teachers, researchers, administration and services staff and trainees, of any of the non-virtual universities of Castilla y Leon.

" University Incubator of  Business Promoters" is a direct result of a collaboration agreement to promote knowledge transfer activities from universities to businesses, signed by the Fundación Universidades y Enseñanzas Superiores de Castilla y León (FUESCYL), which is the entity organizing the call, and Santander Universities (Banco Santander).



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Date: 31/8/2015
Entrepreneurship Workshop 21 and 22 October, 2015

Entrepreneurship Workshop 21 and October 22, 2015

IE University and the Universities of Castilla y Leon Foundation, in its commitment to knowledge transfer, innovation and entrepreneurship, convened the Seventh Edition of the Workshop of Entrepreneurship at the University Environment.
This action os part of TCUE Plan 2015-2017, and has been selected under an operational program co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Castile-Leon, and has the participation of  the following Universities:  Burgos, Leon, Pontificia de Salamanca, Salamanca, Valladolid, Catolica de Avila, IE University and the European University Miguel de Cervantes.
The objective is to provide entrepreneurial fguidelines to improve an initial business idea, helping to identify the critical points that must improve its proposal for a viable business plan instruction.
Thus, the course becomes an accelerator of business ideas, encouraging entrepreneurship within the university environment and promoting feasible projects hit the market.
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Date: 13/7/2015
Desafío Universidad – Empresa (2015)

Sponsored by

The aim is to promote the realization of R + D + I and / or consulting in collaboration with knowledge generating bodies of Castilla y Leon (mainly universities) and business sector in the thematic priorities for the region identified in the RIS3. (Agribusiness and Natural Resources, Transportation, Automotive and Aerospace, Health and Quality of Life, Heritage and Spanish Language; Information Technology and Communication, Energy and Sustainability). Entities (companies, new entrepreneurs or associations) register their technology needs at and then researchers of universities of Castilla y Leon and the CSIC in the region may propose solutions (project research and / or consultancy).

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Date: 30/4/2015
Iniciativa Campus Emprendedor Edición 2015



Students and alumni graduated in the last two academic years and the staff and fellows from Universities of Castilla y Leon:

· University of Burgos

· University of León

· University of Salamanca

· University of Valladolid

· Pontifical University of Salamanca

· IE University (Segovia Campus)

· Miguel de Cervantes European University

· Catholic University "St. Teresa of Avila" Avila


-Researchers of Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) that develop projects or activities in Castilla y Leon  

-Students and former alumni in the last two academic years of non-university artistic studies listed in Annex 5

-also is open to members of the Stock Promoters Business University (USP) of FUESCYL.

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Date: 20/4/2015
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