IE Research
IE Research
IE Research

The Research Office at IE is made up of a multidisciplinary team which offers support, advice and transfer services to the Board. Based on the premise that research is the beginning of knowledge creation, the objective of IE’s Research Office is to stimulate and enable the research of its staff by supporting the management of their resources and potential.

Office Services
Diffusion of Results and Knowledge
  • Communication of research results
  • Encourage the inter-relationship between research teams
  • Search for opportunities to transfer knowledge from the University to Business
  • Encourage the entrepreneurial spirit through applied research
Economic-Administrative Management of Research Projects
  • Economic-administrative management of research projects
  • Justification of expenses from research projects
  • Preparation and development of documents in financial and auditing control processes
  • Information on R&D&i programs
  • Assistance in developing proposals and their follow-up
  • Search for partners and processing efforts
Personal Auxiliary Management and Other Research Support Activities
  • Management of research assistants: Grants and pre-doctoral contracts
  • Management of technological events
  • Issuance of certificates of participation in projects and contracts, and issuance of certificates to receive grants and aid
  • Management of research support resources: research software, databases, participation in conferences
  • Development of statistics and supply of R&D&i data
  • Organization and development of Research Talks
Technology Diagnostic
  • Identification of the technological offer
  • Establishment of technological surveillance systems
  • Improvement of the competitiveness of the research offer
Technology Transfer Support
  • Locating research groups that adapt to demands
  • Support the formalization of research agreements
  • Follow-up and control
Technology Promotion
  • Promotion of services and technologies
  • Advancing the encounter between the scientific-technological capacities offered by research groups and the demand of the business world.
  • Organizing and participating in educational and diffusion activities.
  • Participation in lectures, conferences and courses.
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