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Visual Raster* Research on Analysis, Processing and Visualization technologies of multivariate geospatial data aimed at natural resource management
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IE UniversityVizzuality 

Vizzuality and IE University are joining efforts on this new research project. We will be discovering new ways to analyze and visualize Geospatial data on the web for the next 2 years. The research will focus on natural science datasets, but the results will be applicable to any other field.


Vizzuality is a leading company on the field of data visualization for Biodiversity and Conservation. Over the last years Vizzuality has been working with the biggest organizations on Biodiversity and Conservation to help them analyze and visualize their data. Most of this data is geospatial and during the last years multiple technologies components have been developed.
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*El proyecto VisualRaster (referencia TSI-020100-2010-1049) ha sido co-financiado por el Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo, dentro del Plan Nacional del Ministerio y del Plan Avanza 2.


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