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Fundación Ramón Areces / IE Business School Conference Cycle January-March 2012
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Fundación Ramón Areces / IE Business School – 2012 Conference Cycle. For more information click here



Following the success lectures organized by Fundación Ramón Areces and IE Business School, both institutions announced the Conference Cycle in 2012, within its cooperation framework.

In this Conference Cycle, distinguished international experts will offer their views from their academic research about:

Entrepreneurship and growth: An international perspective


Date Speaker Title Insitution
Monday, January 16th Sheila Puffer Emerging innovation in an emerging economy: Can Russia break through its historical barriers? Northeastern University. Boston. EE.UU.
Monday, January 30th Garry Bruton When institutional change outruns the change agent: the contested terrain of entrepreneurial microfinance for the poor Neeley School of Business at Texas Christian University. EE.UU.
Monday, February 6th Mike Wright Finance and entrepreneurship Imperial College Business School. Londres. Reino Unido.
Monday, February 20th Justin Webb Dynamics of (in) formality in emerging markets Oklahoma State University. EE.UU.
Monday, March 5th Cristina Cruz From family businesses to enterprising families: developing the next generation of entrepreneurs IE Business School. Madrid.
Monday, March 12th Carlos Piñerua Turkey: The role of small and medium enterprises as the engine of economic and employment growth. A regulatory approach World Bank.

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